What is the cost of the camps?

FREE! We are here for the kids regardless of their financial situation.

How do we find out about weather cancellations?

If you are ever iffy on our wonderful Florida weather, please check our website or social media for any cancellation notices.

What if I've never played football?

You have to start at some point. All of our coaches will work with each player to develop them at the proper pace and are not afraid to teach the basics to any beginner. Our coaching focuses on fundamentals that are important whether it's your first year or your tenth.

What equipment/dress do I need?

T-Shirt, Shorts, and Cleats. Water is generally provided but it always a best practice for you to bring your own as well.

Who will be coaching the players?

The players will receive instruction from coaches that have played at the college level, coach high school football, or both. 

Will you turn my kid into a top college recruit?

NO! That responsibility is on the decisions your child makes on the field, in the classroom and in life. We will work hard to prepare your child for the next level, but their determination, work ethic, and attitude will make them the level of player that they want to be.